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 The Wedding Night

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PostSubject: The Wedding Night   The Wedding Night Icon_minitimeThu Apr 23, 2009 3:42 am

Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2009 19:15:06 -0700
Paul and Mary get married

But couldn't afford a honeymoon -
So they go back to Paul's Mom and Dad's house

For their first night together.

In the morning
Johnny - Paul's little brother -

Gets up and has his breakfast.

As he is going out of the door

To go to school - he asks his momIf Paul and Mary are up yet.

She replies - No.

Johnny asks - Do you know what I think ?

His mom replies - I don't want to hear what you think !

Just go to school.

Johnny comes home for lunch

And asks his mom -Are Paul and Mary up yet ?

She replies - No.

Johnny says - Do you know what I think ?

His mom replies - Never mind what you think !

Eat your lunch and go back to school ..

After school - Johnny comes home and asks again -
Are Paul and Mary up yet ?

His mom says - No.

He asks - Do you know what I think ?

His mom replies - Ok - now tell me what you think

He says - Last night Paul came to my room for the

Vaseline and I think..I gave him my airplane glue.
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The Wedding Night
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