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 Kyra's Graphics Pickup.

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Kyra's Graphics Pickup. Empty
PostSubject: Kyra's Graphics Pickup.   Kyra's Graphics Pickup. Icon_minitimeSun Sep 06, 2009 6:28 am

Most people know I do graphics. I like to take requests. (When I can fill them, or remember to) Other time I will get a wild hair up my ass and do sigs on my own.

I accept graphic requests from:
~~~Posts in this thread or others that are created.
~~~PM (Most often in Shivana's account.
~~~MSN Messenger

Please link me to the images that you want me to work with and if it is a specific character/actor that you want me to work with and know who it is, please let me know. That way if a request doesn't work out the way you wanted I might be able to find a substitute that is agreeable for you. If it was a request that didn't come out to what you wanted, feel free to leave constructive criticism and I will attempt to try again. If it isn't going to work like desired I will let you know. (I will attempt to get ahold of you to let you know.)

When something is done please post (or send a PM) to let me know that you have claimed the pic. This way I know which pics are safe to delete if I have to in the future and which ones are potentially unclaimed if I don't see them in use on the site. For now, this is a side account that I made and forgotten about until recently.

I do not expect you to want to use the gifts, but before you use them please upload them to your own photosharing account. That is all I will ask of you. I also know that some members are Eternal Empire acess only and may only be able to view and not post in this thread, so PM requests are perfectly acceptable.

If I am supposed to have done something and forgotten, please feel free to PM me a reminder. Here or if you know which account I lurk the most, PM me there. I will be checking frequently for reminders.

Disclaimer: I am not attempting to restrict anyone from asking other about graphics requests, nor is this the only board and thread that graphics can be requested on. There are other photoshoppers that have more experience or can do things that I can't do. This is just so I can have a place to put gifts more or less without making hundreds of threads just for one or two posts.

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Kyra's Graphics Pickup.
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