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PostSubject: Sorry   Sorry Icon_minitimeFri Jul 09, 2010 7:00 pm

I know this is gonna open a can of worms, but its definitly gotten out of hand this year...

I take care of my mother/grandmother, run a family bookstore, and have pokemon kids on my computer looking up episodes and special league games. If you are on my msn messenger and use strong profanity in your name or tag, or naked genitalia pictures for your pisplay pic, I WILL DELETE YOU, and possibly block as well. It is inappropriate, and quite frankly there is NO reason for that to be your "identity", nor for me to have to explain to others why this is on my screen.

I wish I could say I apologize if I offend those who this describes. But as I am not apologetic to rebuking offensive behavior, lets just go to our respective corners and be social on boards or other places where we CAN get along. ^.^

Quick edit: No, not upset with anything here. I can turn off the az boards or switch pages, I cant turn off your usernames with out cutting off everyone else. And the LAST thing I need is for a kid to be at my screen and I get a hello from someone named "F*** You" pop up in middle of Pikachu's wild ride. THATs the problem
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